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Booty Bumping


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Drill Down

The following guides contains more information and tips for injection safety. Download to read or share, or print out the file to keep as a reference. 


More Info

Membranes: booty bumping

  • “Booty Bumping” 

  • Use syringe barrel with a removable needle that is removed

  • Prepare 1mL of aqueous drug solution

  • Remove needle, put a little lube on the tip of syringe barrel, insert into anus (about 4cm), and slowly push the plunger (no less than 3 seconds from start to finish)

  • Drugs “dribble” and absorb in the highly vascular “anal columns,” which provides a very rapid effect.

  • Notes: If someone is used to 100% drug absorption with IV injection, then drug administration in the rectum is closest. There may not be the same rush, but this is close. More of the drugs are available in the bloodstream than if the same amount were snorted. If transitioning from snorting to rectal, decrease the usual dose.


Membranes: water dripping

  • Prepare drugs in a solution, the same way as injection

  • Put into a cleaned handheld squeeze bottle (like a recycled Afrin squeeze bottle)

  • Add some water

  • Less diluting means fewer pumps to get a high

  • Thoroughly clean or get a new bottle every two days

  • If keep longer, can grow bacteria or brain-eating amoebas – very dangerous!

  • Notes: The nose contains a full vascular plexus that provides a straight path into the bloodstream. Due to postnasal drip, some drug is lost to absorption by mouth, which is less bioavailable. Intranasal administration is most efficient using a spray, which maximizes spread of the drug over the vascular plexus.


Membranes: nasal: sniffing

  • Bacteria and viral hepatitis may be present on

    • Scoops – often a straw or key used to remove a small amount of powder from a bag

    • Surfaces used to break up particles in the powder

    • Straws (or rolled up dollars) used for sniffing

  • Safer sniffing kits may include:

    • Sniffing straws

    • Sticky Notes

    • Sniffing sterile water/saline strips

    • Chewing Gum


  • Used sniffing straws (or rolled up dollars) can carry bacteria and Hepatitis C. An unhygienic straw or key used to scoop small doses from a larger supply introduces bacteria and viruses to the drug supply itself. 

  • The safest way to snort is to use a sterile straw or piece of paper every time, then throw it out. If reusing, reduce (but not eliminate) risk by avoiding sharing.

  • Straws with scoops on the end are great for taking “bumps” and can also be used to break up particles in powder drugs



  • Best: New straw every time

  • OK: Sterilize your straw with alcohol wipes

  • Please Avoid: Sharing or reusing straws – bacteria grow quickly, HCV sticks around and there are lots of blood vessels in your nose


Post it notes

  • Best: Use a sticky note (ex. Post-It) for snorting lines with, or to sniff drugs off of

  • OK: Sterilize the surface used to sniff off of

  • Please Avoid: Using dollar bills to sniff with, which collect bacteria and viruses



  • Best: Sniffing sterile water/saline strips (Addipaks) before and after a session of drug use will help protect skin.

    • Good for general health

    • Reduces chance of having openings where germs can enter

  • Good: Tap water, sealed bottled water, boil water for 30 mins

  • OK: Opened bottles of water, water from back of toilet

  • Please Avoid: Water from front of toilet, puddle/gutter water


Chewing gum

  • Helps increase saliva

  • Saliva protects the enamel on teeth

  • Chewing reduces the risk of teeth grinding

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