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Safer Use, Overdose Prevention & Other Harm Reduction Tips

Welcome to Bevel Up! We are so glad you are here. 

Bevel Up was created by people who use drugs for people who use drugs. We designed Bevel Up for community-based organizations, grassroots programs, health departments, and other groups running or supporting syringe services programs (SSPs) and other harm reduction services. 


Messages and recommendations come from current and former users with experience navigating an unregulated and unpredictable drug supply, health providers, and program staff who serve people who use drugs. Topics include vein care, safer injection, alternative routes of administration, and naloxone and overdose prevention. 

Reach Out for Technical Assistance

Bevel Up content is a compilation of advice and tips shared by drug users, harm reductionists, and medical providers. These resources have been developed to help prevent the spread of HIV, viral hepatitis, and other infections and to prevent drug overdose. They aim to provide non-stigmatizing, actionable, and non-shame-based health information for people who use drugs.

The Bevel Up series was made possible through the National Harm Reduction Technical Assistance Center (NHRTAC), which is funded by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to increase and expand drug user health and harm reduction services. 

To receive harm reduction TA or other resources, reach out to NASTAD Drug User Health.

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