Welcome to Bevel Up. 

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Bevel Up is a collection of digital and printable info and guidance on safer use, overdose prevention, and other harm reduction techniques. The content shared here is a compilation of advice and tips shared by experienced drug users, harm reductionists, and medical providers. 

Materials are organized by topic and include shareable resource cards, deep-dive harm reduction guidance, and additional and related info to help you and your loved ones stay safe. Topics include Vein Care, Other Ways To Use, Alternate Ways To Use, Membranes, and Fentanyl + Naloxone.

Sharing this info like this helped people stay alive long before syringe access and naloxone distribution got started. There's lots of tried-and-true harm reduction guidance here, as well as info that has been updated in response to increased fentanyl presence, changing routes of administration, and other trends. With the unpredictable and unregulated drug supply and continuing barriers to resources, learning from shared experience and knowledge can still make a huge difference in your health, safety, and pleasure!

Learn more about Bevel Up and contact us for more info at DrugUserHealthTA@NASTAD.org