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Welcome to Bevel Up. We're so glad you're here!


Bevel Up is a digital and printable resource on safer use, overdose prevention and harm reduction techniques. 

This resource was created by people who use drugs for any program or entity that serves our community.

Taking into account the proliferation of fentanyl and other analogs in the drug supply, messaging and recommendations cover topics ranging from vein care to alternate routes of admission. 


Each topic contains materials that can be customized or printed out "as-is" including: social posts, cards, posters and PDFs with detailed information on individual topics. .

Materials were peer reviewed by NASTAD Drug User Health, experienced drug users, and CDC subject matter experts. All community reviewers were compensated for their time and expertise.

These materials are made possible through the National Harm Reduction Technical Assistance Center (NHRTAC), funded by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. NHRTAC provides ongoing technical assistance and capacity building for state, tribal, and local drug user health programs and builds on proven methods of harm reduction TA delivery to provide coordinated assistance to new and established community-driven harm reduction efforts, including SSPs and other drug user health services. 


To receive harm reduction TA through the National Harm Reduction Technical Assistance Center, click here

To contact NASTAD Drug User Health with any questions, comments, or suggestions, click here

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