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The Bevel Up series consists of five double-sided cards.

The cards can be printed out "as-is" on 8.5x11 in either color or black-and-white.  If you print them out as-is, you can print them single-sided and fold them in half to create a double-sided card.

You can also print them out double-sided and cut them in half.

Or, you can send the folder labeled "press file" straight to a printer—the artwork has been prepped with bleed lines so you can send that file as-is, or edit them to add your program info. 

Please use these resources however is most useful to your participants and community. The site can be shared as a resource, cards printed poster-size and hung in drop-in spaces, Drill Down PDFs can be printed and kept as browsing materials, and additional tips can be adapted from the PDFs to become new materials or messaging. Reach out to NASTAD Drug User Health with any questions at

Downloadable PDFs

Click each PDF to view or download. 


Social media posts

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