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Bevel Up resources are designed to be used however they are most helpful to you, program participants, and your community. 


Cards can be printed as they are or customized with program details, local resources, or tailored information. They can be sized as palm cards, pamphlets, flyers, or posters. The Drill Down PDF collection can be printed and kept as reading materials at your program, or used to update and add to guidance on cards and posters. There are blank card templates available to create new and expanded materials. Reach out to NASTAD Drug User Health with any questions on using or adapting Bevel Up resources here.

Printing Cards, Posters, and PDFs

Printing Cards, Posters, and PDFs

  • There are six double-sided cards in the Bevel Up series, organized by topic: vein care; safer injection, smoking with glass, smoking with foil, booty bumping and water dripping, and naloxone and overdose prevention.

  • Cards can be printed out as-is on 8.5x11 paper in either color or black-and-white. Printed as-is, they can be printed single-sided and folded in half to create a double-sided half-sheet handout. They can also be printed double-sided on 8.5x11 paper and cut in half. 

  • Or, send the folder labeled “press file” straight to a printer–the artwork has been prepped with bleed lines to make printing easier. 

  • Posters have also been optimized for printing and can be enlarged without reducing image quality. 

  • Drill Down PDFs expand on card topics with additional and in-depth information: Vein Care; the Bevel; Glass, Foil, Membranes, and Naloxone + Narcan. PDFs can be printed and shared as a complete reference or broken up​ by section.


Please note: Files optimized for printing have a ⅛” bleed area so they are printed without a blank edge. Double-check document dimensions before getting anything printed. Resize images using the cropping tool, not the image stretching tool. 

All cards, posters, and PDFs can be accessed from this link

Customize Card

Customizing Cards

  • Cards can be customized with local resources or program contact info in Canva. Click here to view tutorials on downloading and printing the cards and editing your program information

  • Color and black-and-white versions are customizable. There is a designated space to add program info. QR codes can also be updated to link to a program website or other online resources. 

  • We used the Canva platform to create Bevel Up. Canva is free for qualifying agencies: non-profits and social impact organizations with a mission consistent with public or community benefit, public health organizations, and government entities assisting with public health. Find out more here

  • If you don't want to use Canva, you can also use Adobe, Microsoft Office, MS Paint, or other word processing or design platforms to customize resources.

  • If these cards don't resonate with your community, that's OK! It is our hope that, at the very least, they will kick off a conversation and inspire you to create something that is relevant to the people you serve. 

  • To view all file types, visit the Dropbox

Social Media

Social Media Posts

  • Elements from the Bevel Up series have been resized and prepped for social media sharing. 

  • We recommend including image descriptions when sharing infographics and other guidance on social media to improve accessibility. 

  • Include tips from the Drill Down PDFs in post captions and link to Bevel Up where possible for additional info. 

  • All social media graphics and prepped posts can be accessed from this link.

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